6 Summer Season Tower Garden Tips

Summer introduces a few important considerations for your Tower Garden. Keep it performing at its best with the following advice on manual pollination, pest control, temperature management and more.

Be the Bee

Because of the unfortunate decline in bee populations over recent years, many urban gardeners must hand pollinate crops to achieve consistent, bountiful yields. You may need to if:

  • You don’t see bees hovering around your flowering plants.
  • You’re growing indoors or in a greenhouse.
  • Flowers or immature fruit shrivel up and/or die.

Here's how to hand pollinate your Tower Garden crops »

Prevent Pests & Plant Diseases

When it comes to pests and plant disease, prevention is usually easier and more effective than treatment. Follow these tips to help your plants stay problem-free:

  • Buy only disease-resistant seeds or seedlings.
  • Keep your growing environment and tools clean.
  • Regularly prune your plants to improve air circulation.
  • Entice beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and green lacewings, into your garden by growing pollen and nectar-producing plants.

For more information, check out our comprehensive guide to beating bad bugs, and review this post on preventing plant disease.

Keep Cool

If you experience intense summer heat, use these tactics to help keep your Tower Garden's water temperature at the recommended 85˚F or less:

  • Run your pump continuously during the hottest part of the day.
  • Add frozen water bottles to the water reservoir.
  • Raise your Tower Garden off the ground with a Tower Garden Dolly, doormat or something similar to reduce the heat transferred from the ground.
  • Protect your plants from midday stress by moving your Tower Garden into the shade or covering your plants with the UV-resistant Weather Protection Blanket.

Tower Garden summer tips

Vacation-proof Your Plants

To prevent your Tower Garden from drying up while you are away, connect a garden hose and 1/4" drip line to a watering timer, and run it into the power hole on your Tower Garden. It’s also never a bad idea to ask a friend or neighbor to check on it periodically while you’re gone. As “payment,” consider letting them pick any ripened produce and enjoy your Tower Garden’s bounty.

Monitor Nutrients, Check Levels & Harvest!

As seasons change, so does general maintenance. During hot months, remember to:

  • Only add Tower Tonic every other time you fill your reservoir tank to prevent the nutrient solution from becoming too concentrated.
  • Check your Tower Garden's water level every 2–3 days to ensure it stays above the halfway mark.
  • Harvest greens and herbs frequently to delay bolting and extend the growing cycle.

Replace Spent Plants

Intense summer heat encourages many plants to go to seed, which is the process of entering the flowering stage in order to produce seed (also known as bolting). This looks a little different depending on the plant, but most send up shoots from which flowers blossom. After this happens, many vegetables and herbs become bitter and less desirable for eating.

Remove a plant that has gone to seed by simply pulling it out along with its net pot. You may then insert a new seedling in its place, starting the growing process over again.

Learn more about bolting »

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