Indoor Gardening 101: Finding the Perfect Indoor Home for Your Tower Garden

As the winter months roll on and weather temperatures continue to fall, Tower Garden owners are turning to indoor gardening to ensure their crops continue to thrive. With LED grow lights, a direct power source, and the right conditions, your Tower Garden can experience amazing success from the comfort of your home, regardless of the outdoor elements.

Whether you recently purchased the new Tower Garden HOME or are interested in moving your current unit indoors, find the right place to set your unit for optimal results. Follow along as we cover the ideal conditions for indoor gardening and some of the most popular rooms in which to place your Tower Garden.

Ideal Indoor Gardening Conditions

Unpredictable weather and rapid fluctuations in temperature can make it challenging to keep a garden flourishing outdoors throughout the winter. With indoor gardening, you’re in complete control of the conditions by determining the temperature, light source, air flow, and much more.

Here are a few important variables to manage to ensure your Tower Garden succeeds indoors:


Grow lights are essential to the success of any indoor garden. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend allowing your garden to receive at least 14 hours of light and at least 6 hours of darkness per day. Knowing that your indoor Tower Garden requires more than half a day of constant light may help you narrow down the ideal spot in your home for your unit.


While the ideal growing temperature varies from one plant to the next, most crops grow best when the temperature in your home sits between 65-75°F. This opens the door to plenty of plant options that you typically wouldn’t be able to grow in winter.


Whether you own a Tower Garden FLEX or a Tower Garden HOME, you’ll need just 4 square feet of space. This will give your garden enough room to grow without interference. The unique shape of a Tower Garden makes it easy to fit in homes of all shapes and sizes.

Popular Spots for an Indoor Tower Garden

Over the years, customers have shared pictures of their Tower Garden in all sorts of places — inside and outside. With plenty of options to place your unit inside, you just need to decide what works best with your lifestyle. We’ve narrowed down some examples of possible spots around your home to place your Tower Garden.


With close proximity to a water supply and outlets, the kitchen is one of the most popular destinations for an indoor Tower Garden. Customers also love being able to reach over and handpick fresh herbs, leafy greens, and veggies to use while cooking. Seeing homegrown healthy greens in the kitchen will also encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Living Room

Indoor gardening shouldn’t be a hobby you hide away. Instead, make your garden a centerpiece in your home — because nothing brightens up a room like a Tower Garden! Let the beautiful colors of your plants add to your home’s atmosphere.

Home Office

From stress reduction to increased productivity, indoor gardens provide countless benefits in any home office. A 2015 study by The Human Spaces even found that plants in work settings can boost creativity by 15%. A Tower Garden can help spruce up your workspace and lighten the mood when working from home. Taking a little time to tend to your garden or harvest your crops can also serve as a nice mental break when you need it.

Basement / Storage Room

With the proper conditions in place, you can put your Tower Garden pretty much anywhere. If you don’t mind keeping your garden out of sight, why not put some of that empty space in your home to good use? Doing so will allow you to maximize your space while continuing to grow fresh, healthy greens from the convenience of your home.

Taking Your Tower Garden to Work

Still having trouble finding room for a Tower Garden inside your home or apartment? No worries. Offices provide an ideal setting for Tower Garden during the cold winter months, and your coworkers will thank you for it. 

Similar to home offices, having plants or indoor gardens around corporate offices provides endless benefits. According to an article by cipHR, plants and indoor gardens in the office can help reduce absences, purify the air, and help make a workplace more attractive to job applicants. Just make sure you get the ‘OK’ from your boss before bringing your Tower Garden to work!

Where Do You Keep Your Garden?

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