Teaching At Home With Tower Garden: 4 Easy Lessons for the Parent Turned Teacher

Unforeseen school closures due to coronavirus has brought about some interesting challenges when it comes to our kids’ education. Just because many schools are closed for the school year doesn’t mean your kids have to stop learning! As part of National Teacher Appreciation Week, we’d like to celebrate the teachers who have embraced these new challenges and found creative ways to engage their students during the crisis. 

Over 7,500 classrooms in 49 states across the country agree that Tower Garden is an incredible learning tool. Nationwide, teachers use their gardens to educate and inspire healthy living as well as to provide students with nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits. As an ode to the teachers out there, below are a few lessons you can teach your children now and over the summer. 

1. Nutrition made easy.

Habits start at a young age, and it goes without saying that the food we eat has a big impact on our physical and cognitive abilities. Teaching your kids about the benefits of a nutrient-rich, well-balanced diet is easy with Tower Garden because you’re able to plant, grow, and enjoy the same crops you discuss. 

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and romaine lettuce are easy to grow and packed with vitamins and minerals. By sharing nutritional facts about the foods you grow, your kids will better understand the role these veggies play in their growth and development. 

2. STEM learning at home.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? Check. Tower Garden utilizes aeroponic technology - the process of growing plants in a mist environment without soil. In fact, NASA has been experimenting with aeroponic technology for almost 30 years and believes it has the potential to help astronauts grow their own food in outer space. 

You can easily teach your kids one of the key benchmarks for a more sustainable life using only what you need — nothing more and nothing less. The features of Tower Garden work together seamlessly to produce more crops using less water and provide a quick lesson in efficiency for your future grower. 

3. Get some help in the kitchen! 

Introducing your children to the joys of cooking at a young age creates quality time in the kitchen while providing valuable benefits in the process — like a boost in confidence and an expansion of palate.

Bring the produce aisle to your kitchen and demonstrate a few basics — like how to properly pick and prepare produce as well as how to cut herbs and sauté greens. No doubt their palates and preferences will be enhanced with new flavor pairings. If you’re in need of some kitchen inspiration, the Tower Garden cookbook contains some of our favorite recipes using fresh produce. 

4. Horticulture has evolved.


Did you know that 1 in 3 American households grow their own food? Thanks to Tower Garden, it’s easier than ever to educate your children on how to properly germinate seeds, plant seedlings, maintain a garden, and harvest crops. If you need guidance teaching any of these methods, our YouTube page is full of helpful content. 

These skills not only will make them more effective gardeners, they’ll also help your kids appreciate the time and effort that goes into a successful yield. They say there’s nothing like seeing the fruits of your labor, and we tend to agree! 

Need more ideas?

We provide an accredited curriculum for teachers to follow using Tower Garden. If you’re interested in using your vertical garden to teach your kids about math, advanced science, writing, and urban gardening, check out our collection of lesson plans.

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