Return Policy

We at Tower Garden value you as a customer; your satisfaction is our top priority. If the Tower Garden is not what you were expecting, we will gladly accept returns within 90 days of the sale date for a refund* if the product is unused, resalable and in original boxes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team at 1-800-668-8980 or [email protected]

*Less shipping cost based on products and location


We offer an easy five-year limited warranty on the Core Plastic Components; we will repair or replace any defective original core plastic component, which are the Nutrient Reservoir, Reservoir Lid, Access Port Lid, Tower Sections, Shower Cap, Shower Cap Lid, Pump and Timer. 

All other components are covered by a three-year or one-year warranty, excluding consumables.  

Items under the 5 Year Warranty:

- TG Units (Plastic components)

  • Nutrient Reservoir
  • Reservoir Lid
  • Access Port Lid
  • Tower Sections
  • Shower Cap
  • Shower Cap Lid
  • Pump from 2020 onward
  • Timer

- Extension kits (Plastic components)

  • Regular Extension Kit
  • Combo Extension Kit
  • Baby Greens (Microgreens) Extension Kit

Items under the 3 Year Warranty:

-LED Indoor Grow Lights starting April 21, 2023

Items under the 1 Year Warranty:

- FLEX Support Cage
- HOME Support Cage
- Tower Garden Dolly
- Tower Garden Growing Clips
- Pumps prior to 2020
- LED Indoor Grow Lights prior to April 21, 2023
-Extension Rods

Items not under warranty:

- All Consumables (products that have one time use):

  • Seed Starter Kit
  • Rockwool
  • Net pots
  • TG Mineral Blend
  • pH Kits

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Experience Team at 1-800-668-8980 or [email protected]